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The History of the Planet and The Creation of Man

     The material is structured from many valuable sources, such as Drunvalo Melchizedek’s works, Thoth’s Emerald tablets, books by Zecharia Sitchin, Sumerian Tabs, and more.


     Many of us already have this information in our ancestral memory and this material will make you remember them. Many of us have spent our previous lives of 200.000 years here and maybe even more. For those who have not lived this time, this material can be a simple fiction and you can treat it as such if you want it.

     The earth is millions of years old and we want to point out those important moments in our evolution that we are currently interested in our spiritual awakening.

     It is vital to know our origins to understand where we are going further

Let’s start with Tiamat and Nibiru

     Tiamat was a planet millions of years ago in orbit between Mars and Jupiter, along with its Moon rotate around the Sun, just like the rest of today’s planets.

tiamat marduk nibiru

     Also through our solar system there was an important planet that always made major changes called retrograde Nibiru (or Marduk) and entered our solar system once every 3,600 years with the trajectory between Mars and Jupiter (where Tiamat is located) after which He went out and walked away from the Sun.

     The approach of Nibru de Tiamat made one of his months collide with Tiamat and pull a part of the planet along with his main Moon on the usual trajectory, rejoining the new orbit between Venus and Mars where our Earth is today. Obviously the other fragment exploded and today we know it as the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

     Nibiru was inhabited by beings with a height of between 3 m – 5 m depending on sex, and with a life span of approximately 360.000 years.

nibiru planeta x

     450,000 years ago, Nephilims faced a problem in their ozone layer. The planet was very far away from the sun and needed much gold to spread it into the upper layers of the atmosphere and to keep the heat on the planet.

     As soon as Nibiru approached enough of the earth, they terrified with their ships on Earth knowing that planet Earth possessed large amounts of gold.

Nephilim and Creation of Man

     The first to come here on earth was Enlil. It landed first in the water because dolphins and whales were the highest level of consciousness at that time, and they needed their permission before starting gold digging.

gondawaland facerea omului adam si eva

     12 of the Nephilim were rulers, and about 600 were workers to dig for gold and 300 remained in orbit in the Motherships. They began to dredge in an area in South-East Africa.

     One of the 12 bosses was Enlil, who was the leader of the miners’ team. They dug about 150,000 thousand years, and every 3,600 years when Nibiru approached the Earth, they transferred the gold home to spray it into the upper layers of the atmosphere.

     Well, about 200,.000 years ago, Nephilim Workers revolted and did not want to dig up for gold, so leaders had to find a solution to this problem.

     The 12 leaders have decided to create a species to work in their mines so they have thought to combine their DNA with the DNA of some of the primates already present on Earth (before the Nephilimus came on earth there were other breeds more advanced than Nefilimia but less evolved).


     The Nephilim are our Mother and the Sirius our Father. The sperm was revealed from the advanced 5D species in Sirius B and the egg belonged to the Nephilim, which was a level of evolution in 3D (it is a too complex process to be explained in words here, for more details you can read the works of Zecharia Sitchin or The Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek). It is important to remember that the Sirius are the Father of Man and the Nephilim Mother.

     With the making of man, they placed them in an area in the South-West of Africa called Gondwanaland. As soon as they were sufficiently developed to work in me, they were transported and taken to work. This species has grown in Gondwanaland for 50,000 to 70,000 years.

     The people then were sterile, so they were not capable of reproduction, but were strictly used to keep the miners well supervised.

     Later there was a dispute between Enlil and his brother Enki. So Enki decided to revenge and went to the man, giving him the knowledge of evil and good, giving him the power of procreation.

     Thus our race evolved into 2 branches. One that had power to produce and was supervised and another steril used for mining.

     During this time there was a major shift in the axis of the earth that led to the change of planetary poles and the sinking of Gondwanaland. A new continent emerged from the Pacific Ocean called Lemuria being the place where procreation people were established.


     Lemuria was a fresh continental aquatic continent from the water formed by a multitude of islands stretching from the Hawaiian Islands to the Easter Island.

lemuria naacali

     Here people developed by themselves for about 70.000 years living happily without the major interference of the Nephilims. This has brought great change and accelerated evolution to man. During Lemuria the right hemisphere and our feminine part predominate. So we were more intuitive and connected to nature and God.

     Here in Lemuria, a strong school was born, being the world’s first Tantrism school called Naacal. The school was founded by two beings called Ay and Tiya who made a unique form of making interdimensional love the birth of a child without being physically touching and becoming immortal.

     The Lemurians being more feminine and intuitive knew that there was a new shift in the Earth’s axis, and Lemuria was about to sink. Here they prepared early and moved the valuable objects to other locations of the earth, going to leave that continent to be sank. Most of them settled from Lake Titicaca to Mexico, along Central America and further north on Shasta Mountain.


     Atlantis was made up of this continent + 9 islands.

atlantida atlantis

     The immortal beings of Lemuria settled on the island of northern Atlanta called Udai, beginning to rebuild their spiritual science.

     They formed on the island a representation of the human brain through the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere + corpus callosum which connects the right and left parts of the brain. The Naacali moles have been established on one side and the other depending on their polarization and in the corpus callosum 3 spiritual elevated beings able to lead the island.

     They further designed the Atlant Continent Tree with an absolute atomic precision.

     Each circle of the tree of life was made of three circles of earth separated from water and made of red, black and white stones. The creatures were placed on the circle according to their level of consciousness.

atlantida copacul vietii

     They created these vortexes of energy that rotated in every Sephira of the Tree of Life. As soon as the tree was prepared, ordinary people of Lemuria who were settled in America and other locations felt attracted to the Atlantan continent and went to Sephira to correspond with their energy. Here they occupied 8 out of 10 Sephire and started to build cities.


     The two sephirs were occupied by one of the Jews who came from our future with an uninvited lesson, and in their turn they also learned Lemurian’s mathematical notions and acquired abilities. And on the other Sephire, the Martians settled. They came from Mars and were a warrior race part of Lucifer’s Rebellion experiment (four times in the universe and other beings who tried not only Lucifer). They were very masculine lacking emotional body and much more knowledge than Lemurians and Jews.

     Martians were also responsible for the destruction of Mars. Millions of years ago there was a green living planet like Terra. Because of their excessive masculine energy, they began to wage and destroy their planet. So some of them by creating various Mer-Ka-Ba artifical fields have entered a time line of the future and settled in the Atlantis uninhabited vortex / sephira.

     The Martians came here in Atlanta some 65.000 years ago and violated our free will. More precisely, they came and imposed masculinity and aggression by dominating and taking over the leadership of Atlantis. But they were in a much smaller number and they did not have the plan as they expected losing a few battles. Here the Martians decided to make it softer and try to understand the right hemisphere of emotions while continuing to use the left lobe at the same time and to create technologies that the Lemurians knew nothing about. Easily by creating different technologies on the conveyor belt we began to see with the Strong Lob the reality that surrounds us and change our intrinsic nature. Thus the Martians have come to control without any kind of battle. This dispute between Martians and Lemurians continued and still continues in some situations even after the fall of Atlantis until today.

     Approximately 26.000 years ago there was a minor shift of the poles that caused a slight change of consciousness. It happened at point A of the oval where we are now

precesia echinoctiilor

     At the time of this pole’s move, a piece of Atlantis sank to produce a tremendous fear of the Atlanteans (due to the left hemisphere orientation in the right hemisphere they had lost in their ability to see in the future).

     About 13.000 years ago a comet approached Earth. The comet that the Martians wanted to destroy in order not to affect the continent and the Atlantes wanted to leave it in the evolutionary way of things as it is without interference. Ultimately, the Atlantes have won and the comet has entered the atmosphere of the earth plunging into the Atlantic Ocean and making 2 huge holes on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, which has also sustained the fall of Atlantis.

     In the Southwestern region of Atlantis where the smallest part of the comet collapsed, it was the place where the Martians who were most affected lived. Since then, the Martians have no longer listened to the Lemurians / Atlantians and decided to be on their own. They decided to build a huge Mer-Ka-Ba field and control the planet (an experiment that took place on earth in 1913,1943 Philadelphia and 1983 Montauk, followed by others in the near future that we still do not know about). The place where Martians built this electromagnetic field is known today as the Bermuda Triangle.

     If the Martians were able to create this field, the harmonic Merkaba would have mastered the planet. But they forgot to use this technology, which they had not used for about 50,000 years. When the Mer-Ka-Ba field was activated, the creatures of the lower Earth were awake in a higher world they did not know and began to possess Atlantean bodies for survival. It was a great disaster for the planet’s evolution and grace.

     These Grays through the Technology used have affected other places in the Universe and now they have had to fix these mistakes.

     At that time of fall all Atlantis systems have fallen. Social, economic, medical, absolutely everything. The whole continent had entered a state of survival.

     At that time there were about 1.600 Masters Ascended on Earth. Masters who considered the highest level on earth at that time. Their duty was to help the Atlanteans get out of the situation and return the land to harmony. They were put in a situation where they did not know what to do so they asked for the help of the higher beings in the Universe. The situation has been analyzed on several levels and it has been decided to artificially rebuild the Christic Network. The network, which lasted about 13.000 years ago, was to be active again here on Earth.

     The network rebuilding project was started by 3 masters, namely Thoth, Ra and Araragat. The network was born early on with the Gizeh plateau in Egypt. They built the grid in the upper dimensions, then built the physical temples known today as pyramids and sacred places stretched across the earth. Being entities in 6D all they thought was materializing the simple instance and the object, so it was not too hard for them to create these networks. So they created the network after the number of gold, creating an artificial network similar to the old network of Consciousness / Christians on Earth. If the masters could not finish the network by the end of the 20th century, the earth would probably have been self-destruct and would not have existed today.

     Thoth, Ra, and Araragat created the network where the energy curves curved and crossed each other, being 83.000 places across the Earth’s surface in 4D. Thus, they have built an entire network of constructions across the planet on the energy nodes of this network. Obviously, as I said, the structures are projected from the spiral of gold and Fibonacci progression and all relate mathematically to a single point in Egypt called the Solar Cross.

     Egypt is the northern pole of the Christian network, and on the other side of the Tahin is the southern pole of Moorea. Egypt is the male side and Moorea the feminine side. The strings are connected to one another and have the shape of a Tor.

     Thoth and the other Masters knew that as the critical point of the Equinox precession, the poles were going to change, and Atlantis would sink. The whole process usually takes between 2 and 4 days and the change in the poles in about 20 hours. At the right time, Thoth, Ra and Araragat took the ship from under the Sphinx, landed in Atlanta, and took on board members of the Naacal Schools, the Immortals of Lemuria, and Atlantis lighting (1000 Lemurians + 600 Atlantis ).. The passengers of the ship have created a very strong Mer-Ka-Ba field to protect themselves and keep their memories during the transition while others have boarded boats and went to Central America or sunk and died. Further, the Master ship landed on the top of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. During this time, the poles have changed, the magnetic and electromagnetic field of the Earth has fallen and the earth has been in the „Great Void” for 3 and a half days. After these three and a half days of darkness the fields stabilized and we descended into this 3D world. Everything was changed.

     Some people remained in Egypt, others were taken by Thoth to Lake Titicaca on the Sun Island. And others went to Himalayas with Araragat. Male energy is in Egypt, Feminine energy is in Peru-Yucatan and the Son is in Tibet.

     Since then the earth has fallen into oblivion and people have started taking it from 0 and remembering everything. Like the fire, the wheel, and so on. In the forgetting every time they drove, they were climbing into the 4D Astral plane and were forced to reincarnate back into 3D … easy to remember who they are and get to 5D.

     Today we are at the point where we must remember who we are and make the transition into the feminine era being prepared to change the poles that will follow.

     We invite you to further analyze your energy footprint. See more details here.

     Thank you. We hope that this material made you remember more easily who you are and what you have to do next on Earth.