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Subtle Bodies, Astral Plan and Existential Plan

     Let’s discuss the important aspects of the Subtle Bodies, the Astral Plan, and the Existential Plan. Finally, we put good astral projection techniques. But let’s start with the beginning.

Subtle Bodies

The Physical Body

     It’s the one everyone knows. The meat with the five main senses. He does not need presentations.

The Etheric Body

     It links the Astral Body and Physical Body. It is also called the Pranic Body. It is about 5-10 cm away from the body and is in direct contact with the Meridians and the Chakras. Through it, prana / chi flows through the chakras and meridians.

Astral body

     It is also called the Emotional Body or Soul. We will continue to talk about him because we move with him in the Astral plan. Our emotions are in direct contact with this Astral body and are influenced by them. Besides that much of the memory is in this Astral Body. It also contains a part of the Etheric Body. This Etheric Body disappears after death. But in the astral journey we have some of his energy.

     The Astral Body is linked to the Body by the Silver Cord through the „forehead” as illustrated in the picture below. (the image is taken from Valdo Wieira’s book „Proiectology” and exemplifies how the Physical Body is linked to the Astral Body and further to the consciousness that moves through the Mental Body). The Astral Body is like a vehicle through which consciousness manifests itself.

The Mental Body

     With him we discern the situations and rationalize things. With him we separate and accept what is bad or good in our lives. The Mental Body is also a vehicle of manifestation of consciousness. Only it manifests itself beyond time and space. For example, we can lead the Mental Body wherever we want without having to take the Astral or Physical Body in that place. The degree of lucidity depends on our level of evolution and maturity. Those who have clairvoyance or identify problems in aura and chakras at a distance usually do it through the Mental Body.

     This Mental Body is also linked to the Astral body through a cordon called the Golden Cord.

     Further to the mental body we have the other bodies known in Theosophy such as Cauzal, Budic and Atmic (exemplified in the picture, the colors are made to represent the bodies … obviously they differ depending on age, state of health, emotions, evolution and many other aspects) . We can only deduce some superficial information about them, such as Causal shows the cause of the events and the intuition of the genius, the Budic is the one of the beatide and the happiness of the present life, and the Atmic is our individual Self as Ego. However, this information is superficial by deducting the thought of our present evolution. In reality, they are more complex.

corpurile subtile

Astral Plan and Existential Plan


    Well, the astral plane is divided into several levels. We refer especially to the level of the Troposphere and the Stratosphere.

     On the one side of the Troposphere, the less developed beings are spiritually and more „black”. There you will find a cooler, dense and lower vibration. A sense of depression, pain, suffering, hatred, and revenge of lost creatures on that level.

     The more we climb to the Stratosphere, the more we find spiritual beings. Well there it materializes much easier by will and thought. These are communities that have built mental cities. Those in the upper strata are aware of them (as they have died) and their evolution. Those on the level of the Troposphere know that they are not the majority dead. They still live on the automatic pilot and are in the same karmic program repeated indefinitely until they are released or reincarnated.

    The period of life lasts more or less depending on each spirit and its level. On the lower planes, many are naturally drawn to reintroduction depending on the resonance of the astral period. That if not in the meantime through the prayers of the family or of the loved ones, relieves of the weights and climbs on higher levels.

     In the upper planes of the Stratosphere are arranged the superior plans of existence that we analyze to the energy footprint. This is where a well-developed evolution plan is set for the one who is to re-incarnate. It is not just an individual but there are programs at the collective level. Many come into groups for reincarnations with larger plans of existence. They come back to life on earth, some marry among themselves, others are relatives, others work colleagues, etc. Those in Troposfera are forced to reincarnate and have an existence plan at will. I have seen cases of people drawn from the very inferior planes that have had a deep spiritual awakening and have gone up a lot. Instead we saw others who came up with well-planned plans but they did not go all the way. It is a disappointing feeling when you get back up there after the death of the physical body and you see that you have not learned what you expected. Do you know that feeling of sadness after a break in love or betrayal? Well, the intensity of that event is somewhere between 20-30% of the disappointment of the lesson who does not learn.

     Not everyone needs to be spiritually awakened to evolve and accomplish the plan. For some it is better to sleep and others to be awakened. It is important not to step on the spot but to evolve and move forward. That marked me the most when I saw that most people repeat reincarnations and do not evade. I have developed Potential Enlightenment and analyze the existence plan by analyzing the energy footprint to encourage others to take it to the end.

     I have seen plans made on other planets like Venus with Hatorul or Jupiter or Neptune or Sirius or Pleiade. It’s a higher school I’ve met with most of those who have done energy footprint analysis at me. Of course, the knowledge in this article is not for the suckers, and if you’ve gotten here, it means you are among the spirits with a better plan of existence and a more spiritual evolution. It is important that you go smoothly and with ease from here.

Astral Projection Techniques

     We mean 100% lucid astral projection (there are semilucids that we do without realizing or lucid dreams or trance meditation with the projection of the mental body without realizing where we are and what we are doing … through lucid astral projectiles you can see more easily about the states you have and the differences between them)

     I prefer Hemi-Sync tones to balance brain hemispheres because I have been taught and given results. You can listen to Hemi-Sync tones here. They are made by the Monroe Institute. I recommend them in .flac format because they do not lose their quality. If you are looking for google Hemi-Sync download you will find enough. But if you think you do not need it then you do not use them.

     It is important before the projection to impose mentally that you are making astral projection and its purpose. For example, you need to make astral projection to see how it is or to travel in stratospheric plans. It is important to have your intention and purpose.

     You choose the tone and put it in your favorite earphones. Do not be too loud or too slow. You have to hear it so it will not disturb something around you.

     It is preferable to stay lying in bed with your hands on your body and head on a pillow or something where your neck is not tense. Ideal is to stay relaxed so that it will not pull back from body tension projection.

     Now that you have the tone set and you are in position, you have to relax more and more deeply. The brain must enter Alpha-Theta. Breathe asleep, watch your breath and relax more and more deeply.

     When you are about to fall asleep, get to the point before you fall asleep and you are completely relaxed, we have several techniques.

  • You just feel how he’s lifted from the physical body.
  • Imagine a rope above your bed and pull your astral hands away from it.
  • Imagine over the bed as you look at your body. At one point, you will still project with astral astral body there.
  • Feel how your spiritual guide pulls your hand and gets you out of your body.

It may seem too simple for you to be true, but things are so.

     When you design, you will feel the physical body more and more difficult and separate from it, and you may hear a sound as if it were taking off the plane. Do not be afraid, it’s natural … you will not die.

     There may be fears of genes. If someone else owns me or I die and can not come back. You have to calm down. If someone else’s dying or possessing is going to happen anyway … whether you are consciously designed in astral or not. That’s why you do this unconscious every night and no one dies so easily designed in the astral. Many times in the evening, the Astral Body separates from the Physical Body and stands beside it. From there it is possible to make the projection with the Mental Body and travel beyond shape and time.

     There is also the possibility to make the projection from the lucid dream. Before bedtime if you do not want to make lucid projection but want to dream lucid you will mentally make yourself aware that you dream lucid. Here after you are in the dream and aware that you have to dream you have to ask where you are. It is possible to travel through other lives, or in the future, or you may be in an astral plane. So it’s good to ask where you are. And from here you are already lucky. Simply ask for guidance from your self and guide you. There is also the possibility to meet spiritual guides to guide you. Ask for self guidance and to appear. The astral plane is complex and vast. But you’ll best understand when you explore it. In the astral plane you can also raise animals. Not just those that are known on earth, but those in mythical stories. Unicorns, dragons, mermaids and others. I know there are many curiosities and questions. You will find yourself many in explorations, and others can be found in books written by Robert Monroe, William Bulham, Chico Xavier and Waldo Vieira. You can ask me on Facebook if you have any questions or concerns.

     We invite you to analyze your energy footprint. We consider it self-knowledge Top during the time we cross. It is important to know your existential plan, part of the reincarnation, who you are, what your souls are, why you came here and how you can move faster and easier forward without stepping on the spot. These answers can be given to you by my analysis. Details here.

I thank you for reading the article all the time and showing interest, I encourage you to make informed lucid projections to move from Faith to Knowledge and I will love you for what you are 😀❤️