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Lessons of Life and the Inner Child

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     In fact, what are these Lessons we all hear about? Almost every article we post is mentioned in this sentence.

     More specifically, it is about spiritual experience and perfection. About perfecting character to move on a higher level of understanding on life. Like a child who grows up and becomes an adult. There are stages of our existence through which we pass.

     Each as an individual spirit accumulates throughout life, both on this planet and on the others, the kind and kind of experiences. They mostly define you. Show what you are and the trends you have.

     Everyone inside has a trend. A tendency that automatically shapes and destiny. And for the fulfillment of the desires of the heart and the Self, you need to understand / learn things to get where you have been.

    Here we refer to the deepest desires of self, from the heart, not to the illusions of duality. We can take everything in existence as something to learn.

     But we are just talking locally here on Earth. Why? Because it is a more dense dimension and we are falling into duality. So we forget that we are the Self and we are confused with the name and form of duality. With this Body-Mind. Moreover, here we have the perception of linear time. We see in the past, present and future. This makes it possible to believe the existence of a beginning and an end. In reality, life is eternal, it does not begin and end, but here in duality we see it with beginning and end, we see it dual, we see ourselves in the mirror and see ourselves separated from the source. This allows us to know ourselves, in fact, who we are as co-creators of consciousness.

     Nothing is accidental, everything moves in a certain synchronicity. That’s why you have a purpose here on Earth and one reason you’re reading this article.

     But what is this purpose and what are the lessons?

     Here is vital that everyone knows each other. Who is it, where it comes from and why it came exactly. There are some who have just come to visit here. Others have a stable existence plan. Others are caught in this cycle of reincarnations for thousands of years, and they do not know how to get out of it. Others came to burn karma to the people and to lift the vibration of the planet. All this we met in the analysis of the energy footprint. Each is unique. We can not give a dogma and an absolute belief like, „Ready! Everything is as we say, there is nothing else „.

     If you are tense and unhappy it may be a lesson. The lessons go in the form of mirrors to the others. Everything that prevents us from knowing our real self becomes a lesson of life to be overcome. Here is a whole philosophy of how to choose, how we overcome it and how it manifests itself. We have several articles here that can help you, such as Synchronics, Judgment, Self Sacrifice, Mirrors, Temptations, and more in the articles section of the main menu.

We come to incarnation in a body and in a moment with which we resonate. Everything moves in a certain synchronicity. The karma is useful to our evolution many times. Sometimes it can make us a little difficult. Depends on case by case.

     Another reason for Earth overcrowding is the large amount of information and the possibility of learning lessons faster. In a short time and in the subject (see article with Mayaşa Cosmology). The great amount of information and the evolution of technology allow you to learn lessons less easily. „In the information age, ignorance is a choice.” Deepak Chopra

     How fast you evolve depends on skill, desire of heart, knowledge, will, your mentors, the family of souls, etc. There are a number of factors.

     The planet knows how to keep you in the illusion of duality to teach your lessons. People thank heaven and guides for help but how much I thank the planet for supporting this process of evolution.

     When we look for the answer to the question of why something happens, we think about a karma of the past, but there are more explanations for this „why” like:

  • Why from the perspective of where the self wants to take you in the future
  • Why on the existential plane
  • Why from the perspective of karma
  • Why from a food perspective

     I’m kind and kind of What’s with responses by perspective.

     The truth is that the question „why” does not have an absolute answer. The more we go deeper into this question, the more information we get and more, until we reach the very source of creation. Eternal Be Fi. Everything moves in a certain synchronicity and life arranges them so that everything stays in the balance of „A Fi”.

But the Inner Child?

     The inner child is just the Self in our heart. We are actually the inner child who is playing. It’s just that we are in this dimension to learn what is evil and good to know how to play properly and become Co-Creators Conscious.

In conclusion

      We are the Self that materializes in this world. Most people are fallen into duality, they forget who they are, so they have drawn their own kind of karma and life lessons. The optimal solution is understanding lessons and lowering back to the heart where the Self is. This is the Dharma path. From there we begin to materialize in harmony with life and self.

      Further on for a better self-knowledge, understanding the lessons of life and overcoming them, we provide you with the entire site with all the information along with our energy footprint analysis service.

Thank you and love you 😀❤️