Meniu Închide

Sexual Energy Control through Ankh

     We come with a bold and different technique of sexual energy control. A technique extracted from Drunvalo Melchizedek’s books.

     The technique comes from ancient Egypt and is a way we can control our sexual energy and accentuate orgasm without losing vitality or, on the contrary, keeping ourselves vital and immortal.

     Through this technique, sexual energy is not lost either on the top or on the ground, nor does it destabilize the fields through uncontrolled orgasm.

     Through proper orgasm control, we acquire a continuous source of energy through the Ankh cross.

     Through this „meditation”, although it is not a meditation, but rather a technique of controlling sexual energy, we make the sexual energy circulate following the shape of the Egyptian cross. Thus, it continues to vibrate throughout the body, vitalize our body and increase the intensity of orgasm.

     In the image below we see how the front energy looks to the left and what she looks from the side.


     And here we see how this looks from above.