Meniu Închide

Meditation Reunion Soul and Release Him


      Maybe it will not come to you to believe, but we are losing fragments of our soul through some seemingly trivial things like a desire to buy something that has gone unfulfilled.

      Often, we are self-destructing our souls, but there are also situations when we are energetically bombarded and tied to others by others.

      Let’s see some causes that make us lose ourselves from the light of the soul and spread ourselves in several directions

  • Self-criticism
  • Envy
  • Fear
  • Adultery
  • Theft
  • Lack of sexual energy control
  • Crime, killing even with the thought
  • Lover, whether you are someone or someone of you, a part of your soul is at him / her if he does not understand that he has died and is still thinking about you
  • Fascination or curse binding by priests, shamans, gypsies, masters of martial arts etc.
  • A bad thought about somebody called you and the bad guy
  • Wishes for something, for example, you saw a beautiful coat and you stayed at her, some of your soul stayed there
  • We accumulate a lot of negative energy on the soul and the city when people look straight at you and judge you
  • In fact … everything that is not in the vibration of love makes us lose our inner light

Certain vows from other lives, or even from this, can keep us bound and not be able to do things

     How do we get rid of these negative programs and recover our parts from the soul? There are several methods like this

  • The black post
  • Salt bath
  • Read Psalms
  • Reading holy spiritual books
  • Stand beside people with higher vibration
  • Excursions to holy places with high energy vibration
  • Therapies
  • Massages, jade and other methods
  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Burning incense or vibrating plants
  • Those who have Merkaba know through simple programs
  • There are many methods, the most effective is unconditional love

     Unconditional love can not exist at the „I / Personality” level as it is today. As long as there is an „I” there are things that you like and do not like you, so you are in duality. Through the power of giving up the Ego Illusions, by learning life lessons, you grow in vibration and live in yourself. Many programs, curses, soul fragmentations are and deserved as life lessons. Others may be just the simple envy of others on you. You realize that you and the self / god are one. And at this level, no one can attack you, or even if you attack, you know how to annihilate the program, or if you want and need it, you deliberately catch it. A Tao past teaching says „The best form of defense is Nudity.” That is, to realize that everything is the self and to live in the truth.

     The power of soul-binding or loss of soul influences the power of the one who does it. There are also cases when there are Spirit Guides / Guardian Angels that defend you. Binding is done on several levels as well as loss of soul. But if you live in your own self and have a higher vibration you can not attach to that program unless you have inner light / vibration larger than yours. Often, and such an attack from someone else, if you live in your own self and have a higher vibration can become the instance of karma for the other and turn against it (we have here an interesting video com / watch? v = -8szr8oPrxE). Those who have realized the self and are aware that they are actually the self and everything is the self are not so imbecile to make unreasonable ties.

Bindings are also made by the higher beings through various programs offered to man for a spiritual evolutionary purpose.

     To rejuvenate the soul and eliminate programs or vows from other lives, we simply recommend living in the truth and truth. But besides, we have a meditation

  • First we make the Unification of Heaven and Earth + Enter into the Sacred Space of the Heart (already if we did this we eliminated many destructive programs, otherwise we were not able to do it)
  • Once we have entered the Sacred Space of the Heart, we have several variants, we will give one of them
  • It is important to take you mentally to a place led by the Higher Self where to call all your lost soul pieces
  • Arriving in this place, simply ask and mentalize how lost soul parts (who knows where) are recovering and merging into your body. Imagine and feel how these parts of souls called come back to become one with your body (maybe come from an astral plane, or somewhere in the city or from a former boyfriend / girlfriend or from different parts … only requests to come and they will come if it is granted by your self). There are methods when you go after them.
  • But here we have the simplest part when you call them and you are assisted by your spiritual guides. Ask with the entrance into the sacred space of the heart of your spiritual guides to help and guide you in this meditation.
  • Now I want you to imagine yourself in a purple light that will purify and transform all the energy and programs that you no longer need. Just ask for this to happen and it will happen. Trust your self. It is important to be in the Sacred Space of Heart and live the vibration of Love so that you can do it.
  • Once you have rejuvenated your soul and purified it is now time to break the bonds with those who have something with you and those with something you have. It is time to forgive all those with whom you have problems or have problems with you.
  • I want you to look behind you (in meditation) and see all the Spirits who have misunderstandings with you. There may be already dead, perhaps relatives, or perhaps intrusions, possessors, or perhaps someone in a life that has envy on you or something.
  • These people create some cords with you and they will quench your energy.
  • Here I want you to call Archangel Michael. If you are in synchronicity and you are ready, Archangel Michael will come.
  • I want you to hold your hands in prayer (Namaste) and forgive all those who have something with you and with whom you have something behind you. Forgive and untie all vows made in other lives you no longer need. Or vows made right in this life. Forgive and unleave the karma of the nation that keeps you chained. Forgive and loose the people behind you. Just sit with your hands in Namaste and feel love for those people. Say Mind „I forgive you and untie for all the ties that were not in the vibration of the unconditional love”
  • Do this with every person you see behind you. Rude, buddy, alien, beloved etc. After you forgive and untie tell them that you love them and that you release them.
  • Do this with every old energy back you see. They can be thoughts that will tie you like. You want to buy a new house but in the back you made a jury of the genre „I already have the best house I do not need another” and that can keep you in place. You simply see if there are such forms of energy-behind you and dissolvable in a purple energy through the words „I forgive you, I love you, I break you off and I’m relieving you”
  • After you have done this with each other and untied your vows and freed the beings, ask Archangel Michael to cut with his sword those energy bonds and cords. Avoid those vows you no longer need in a violet light. Simply ask for this and you will see how it unfolds.
  • You have to forgive and love yourself, to accept as you are.
  • Next you have to turn your face towards sun rays (in meditative view)
  • In front of you is in the attic. I want you to go over that bridge and leave the past behind. Your past (energy bonds, lost soul fragments, and vows have been healed)
  • Now is the time to pass the bridge to the future, your past is already cured
  • Pass this bridge, after you have crossed the mined bridge as you want your future life to be
  • Motivate, feel and live as if you have already become that.
  • Thank Archangel Michael for helping you with the other beings of light that made this meditation possible.
  • Feel now how you are re-entered. How are you one with everything and everything. How are you freed from the burden of unforgiveness? How are you without karma? Forgive and love as you are. You see the perfection of life in everything and everything.

     These are a few of the solutions to Recovering the lost Soul fragments and His Solemnity, karma, curses, charm, programs, vows, etc.

     Do not forget. By living in yourself and indeed you are far above those who can bind you in a non-cosmic way. That’s why their power over you is weak and just how much you want to give them power. You live in truth and the truth will release you. You live conscious life. Live in yourself, aware that everything is the self.

Thank you and love you