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Energy Footprint Analysis

Know yourself

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     From ancient times to the present, Self-Knowledge remains the most profound and true teaching we can take part in. He who knows himself wins the game of life and becomes a Conscious Co-Creator by learning to materialize his Intentions in harmony with the Self. 😎

     Through Self-Knowledge we have a conscious and accelerated spiritual evolution. In this way we avoid repeating our reincarnations or burdening our karma. We avoid evolving through suffering but evolve through Self-Knowledge. In this way, we will no longer be hit by karmic payments or life lessons from all directions to wake up spiritually, but we will have a straight walk and in agreement with the Higher Self. ❤️

     We have an original system for calculating the energy footprint. The analysis is made from the studies accumulated over a lifetime on sciences such as Astrology, the Tzolk’in Calendar, Numerology, Inforenergetics, the Sacred Space of the Heart and other Esoteric Knowledge studied over time. System that we also teach in our Online Courses.

     The contribution from you for the analysis is 88 Euro bank transfer/Revolut or PayPal.

     By analyzing the energy fingerprint we can extract the information we were looking for, which we need and more besides. Some aspects we take out of the energy footprint analysis:

-Analysis of the Existential Plan (why the spirit came to incarnate and where it wants to go/mission in life).
-Analysis of the 5 Basic -Wounds (Abandonment, Betrayal, Rejection, Injustice and Humiliation).
-Karmic baggage of successive lives (with what baggage of qualities and defects we came from other lives).
-Qualities, Talents and Potential virtues that we currently have and are developing in this life.
-Challenges in Life (where we encounter difficulties in our evolution and why).
-Spirit’s Chosen Lessons (what the spirit wants to learn in this reincarnation if applicable.)
-The existential space from which we came to incarnate (or planet if you’re a Starseed).
-The most opportune vocation.
-The type of relationship most suitable for your evolution.
-The deepest fears and wounds buried in the subconscious.
-Inforenergetic analysis (DH, EBF, SN, SK, links, evil programs, etc. – if there are curses or forms of black magic, charms, quicksilver, the roads if they are linked, the state of physical, emotional and mental health, the kundalini snake where is located, the inner light, how much karma has been resolved and how much more is needed plus many other calculations as needed).
-Compatibility with Partner (Karma, Soul Mate, Complementary Soul or a passing relationship?)
Relationship with Children (Karma, what the child chose to experience in this life, the most suitable vocation, etc.)
-Lineage karma, qualities, potential virtues, flaws, curses or whatever is on the genetic line of the line and is necessary to understand.
-Practical solutions for healing wounds, freeing yourself from karmic baggage, integrating life lessons to the end, balance in your relationship with your partner and children.

     The analysis of the energy footprint can be done both at the individual level and in the relationships we have with our partner, with children or anyone else to see the level of compatibility and the evolution that you have together. 🤗

For the analysis, fill out a request form or you can contact us on Facebook or eMail.

Illumination of the Potential reserves the right to select its „Clients” being a more original, different and demanding system.

You will receive the analysis by email in a pdf.

     After the analysis, we also come up with practical solutions in the field of healing through bioenergy therapy if necessary (we take down the evil programs and forms of black magic, we rearrange the energy system and open the roads). The solution after the analysis is unique for each one.