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Dimensional Shift

     The way we make this change depends on us in large part and especially on Earth Mother’s choices because it really makes the change in a superior dimension. The plan the Universe plans is for everyone to go into this higher dimension without anyone leaving behind as it has in the past. There have been several events on earth that supported this idea, such as the incarnation of indigo, crystal and diamond children.


     Dimensional change holds many aspects of what we need to know.

     Well many prophets and indigenous slanders have provided for a radical transformation on the earth through which we pass. Prophets like Edgar Cayce and Maya Culture. It is a change of consciousness. The transition to the next level of the Christian / Unity consciousness. At the level of Co-Creators aware of the Free Referee.

     On earth, vibrations are growing more and more, and this is one of the reasons why the perception of time changes and we have the impression that time is shorter. In fact, time does not even exist, and if we look at the clock its tongues move the same way. It is our perception that our perception and consciousness make the difference in the dimensions we live in.

     The closer we are to the center of the galaxy, the faster the evolution is. So we have access to a lot of information today just through Online.

     Some signs of size changes are the weakening of the geomagnetic field, the disordered displacement of geomagnetic locations, the sinking of certain parts of the continents, and the increase of Schumann frequency.

     The period between changing dimensions depends on our level and our training as a species. It can take 6 hours or 2 weeks. In this period the magnetic field collapses and the dimensions begin to overlap. So we can see around us things and colors that we did not know in our dimension. Besides, objects made man-made by man, such as plastic and steel, are disintegrating because they are not natural as the stone can go to the next dimension. It could only pass with a specific field around them. Also during this time the planet’s axis will move.

     The geomagnetic field is related to our emotions and our memory. So when it comes to crashing completely and going to 0, we can become totally debusolated and lose our memory if we do not have a level of adequate spiritual training. That’s exactly why we are in this 3D dimension to prepare us to make this transition simple and easy.

     Affecting the Geomagnetic field has the effect of collapsing systems on all levels. Economic, political, commercial, we remain without electricity, lack of food, etc. If these sudden falls were to occur, the solution to their success would depend on the intense spiritual awakening to make the transition easy to the next dimension. Food clutter can not support this process because it goes into a higher dimension and remember that these dimensions overlap one another.

     We all have lived through our reincarnations through different passages from one dimension to another, just because we do not remember. When we are faced with this process, we will instinctively remember how to pass it. For example, when we were born in this 3D world we came from a dimension and passed through the Great Vid (the one that makes the transition from one dimension to another, see the article about Dimensions) and we were born as babies in it world. That will continue to happen. We see these signs of dimensional change due to the era in which we enter and we must pass these moments.

     What is important in passing through the Great Vision in the next dimension is that everything we think and feel instantly materialize in this dimension. So our fears or our discontent will be manifested by the court, and they can get us down. This will make us return to a 3D world to teach our lessons. Otherwise, if we manage to control our thoughts and emotions to stay in this superior dimension, we will be like babies born in a new world. This transition from one dimension to another may take between 2 and 4 days in physical time. The choice is for Mother Earth for the most part. She is the one who makes the transition. We are here to support her and to rise with her as her children.

     Our body goes through a metamorphosis and will have improvements to this passage. We do not have to be afraid, the information is already in us, we all have done this and we know to do it just as we live in sleep and forgetfulness.

     We believe we are already in Dimension 4D due to the increased vibration of the planet of several factors such as the Ascended Masters, the Sirius, the Center of the Galaxy, and the indigo, crystal and diamond children born on this planet. We are put in a situation to make it much easier to move from one dimension to another without too much suffering and headaches. It all depends on us how much we want to accept.

     We are currently in a 3D illusion array. So we believe we are still dense bodies. But everything is in our minds. The more we awaken, the faster we learn the lessons and climb to the higher consciousness. Let’s not forget that we all live in all these dimensions simultaneously (see here the article with the Higher Self). Even astrology or numerology or meditation or anything else becomes just an instrument in this Matrix so we can wake up more and more and make all this change of size without anyone leaving behind.

     The more we advance and the vibration rises, we have even more awakening. Until 2030 we see robots on the planet and very advanced 4D technologies. Moreover, until 2030-2033 we see many advanced spirits in intense spiritual and vibrational 5D vibration that is manifested on the planet freely. We are in full ascension and we need to be aware of this for the lifting of all humanity.

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Thank you and love you