Meniu Închide

About The Higher Self

To make it easier for us to understand this, let us share in 3

  • The Root Self – Mother Earth
  • Intermediate Self – Ego
  • Higher Self – Heaven

     We are multidimensional beings living together in all dimensions. We live both in the past, present and in the future. Just as … since the fall of Atlantis (see The History of the Planet The Creation of Man) until recently we forgot how to keep in touch with our higher self. That’s how we became some people dropped in duality, ego, and we began to identify ourselves as just the fizical body. So I forgot about the rest of the dimensions and their associated bodies such as the astral, the mental, the causal, the spiritual, the atmic, s.a.m.d

     Connecting with the Higher Self will completely change our perception of the world and life will live in another way.

     Our Higher Aspects of other higher dimensions are united as our Higher / Divine Self. The Higher Self are interconnected with each other. My one with yours, yours with another s.a.m. See the Dimension and Oversoul article.

     It’s about reconnecting with our own essence, with the ocean. Be aware that we are the drop from the ocean and that we are indeed the Ocean itself. We all have this Superior Self in our Heart. Connecting with the Higher Self is not identical, as a channeling medium where it communicates with an entity from another existential plane.

     For example, we have to make a decision to go left or right. After our Ego, we choose to go to the left with our rational or instinctive motives that we find. But if we are connected with the higher self, it is heading right. Well, on the left side there could be a seemingly easy way leading into a big hole. And if we follow the higher self on our right, we find a narrower and more difficult road that leads us to release.

     The Root Self is our subconscious that is collectively not individual. Our subconscious knows information about our past, present and future as an existential plan. All Earth-like details about Planet Earth are found in our collective subconscious that binds us as a planetary network. Mother Earth, we are ourselves with our human mission.

     To be connected with the Root Self we must live in respect and gratitude for Mother Earth. We have to start playing in the sense of truly following our heart’s wishes. Thus we can release the inner and innocent child from us.

     Once we are ready as a plan of existence and Mother Earth allows you, you can come in direct contact with the Higher Self. See here the meditation about the Sacred Space of the Heart and Connecting the Heaven to the Earth.

     Through the right connection with the Self and the Higher Self, life becomes alive. Here we communicate directly with nature and God. The messages we each receive in our own way. We can communicate through dreams, through numbers, geometry, tarot, other divinities, voices, or any other way that each resonates within it.

     Everything is already in us, we are all one spirit-being. Thus, we come to the conclusion that we are who we are, and that we, at the very least, are not at the ego level making decisions, but at the level of spirit that we are one and the same.