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Tzolk’in Cross

     We will continue to discuss the simplest and most effective form of Maya Horoscope.

     Each man was born on one of the 260 unique days of the Tzolk’in Calendar being influenced by the characteristics of the day.

     In Maya’s horoscope, the basic form is the Maya Cross consisting of the 5 Elements (Central + 4 Cardinal Directions). We can associate this cross with an astrology chart in Europe.

     In the Center is the Glyph of the day we were born with the Tone. The center of the Glyph is our inner self and the tone in which the self and the main lesson of life must manifest itself.

     We associate Glyph with zodiac and Tone with Ascendant.

  • In the West is our Karmic past with what we inherited.
  • In the East is our future and the goals that our inner self (spirit) has chosen to attain.
  • In the North is our Masculine energy
  • In the South is our Feminine energy
  • The North supported the East
  • The South supports the West
  • The South provokes the East
  • The North provokes the West

     These Nordic and Southern energies of our Tzolk’in Cross bring us support and challenges in life to fulfill our plan for which we have embraced.

     To manually compute our Tzolkin cross we use the example of a Lamat Ton 8

     It’s 9 days before Lamat Ton 8 and we get East, meaning Cib Ton 3

     We count 9 days back from Lamat Ton 8 and we get to Ahau Ton 13

     For Nordic and Southern energy we count 7 days

     7 days ahead for South and arrive at Ix Ton 1

     7 days back for North and get Ik Ton 2

     To automatically calculate your Cross Tzolk’in you can access the link below

      Or you can download the Tzolkin Explorer app on Google Play and the App Store

      With this application you can also watch the Tzolk’in Calendar rhythm daily

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