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„If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration „Nikola Tesla

The tones indicate the frequency and vibration that the universe manifests on a particular day or period of time.

These Tones create harmony and organization in the Universe.

Keywords for each Tone:

tonuri tzolk'in tones mayan

  • Tone 1 = unit, impulse, initiative, beginning, circle
  • Tone 2 = duality, challenge, obstacles, decisions, 1 sees itself in the mirror
  • Tone 3 = trinity, action, objective, triangle, result between tone 1 and tone 2
  • Tone 4 = form, cube, work, stability, organization
  • Tone 5 = dynamism, manifestation, pleasure, ego, leader, star in 5 corners
  • Tone 6 = harmony, equality, flow, flow, star in 6 corners
  • Tone 7 = reflection, meditation, independence, the end of time, mystical
  • Tone 8 = transformation, justice, perfect balance, justice, abundance
  • Tone 9 = ideal, closing, completion
  • Tone 10 = complete, potentially accomplished, accomplishment
  • Tone 11 = energy, mirror, illumination, power, strength
  • Tone 12 = knowledge, dodecahedron, castle, sacrifice, preparation for future actions
  • Tone 13 = great vacuum, ascension, transition to the beyond world, elevation

The energy of tones can also be represented by the evolution of a wave

tzolk;in wave tones tonuri mayan mayas

The wave begins with Tone 1, climbs up to Tone 7 and collapses from Tone 8.

The higher the tide, the stronger the energy.

  • The first 6 Tones represent the Growth period
  • Tone 7 is the tone of balance and reflection
  • And the tones from 8 to 13 indicate the Transformation period

The evolution of tones can also be illustrated by growing seeds

tzolk'in mayan mayas tonuri tones

These 13 Tones apply to both Tracens and Uinals

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