Meniu Închide


Palaces are time sequences of 52 days each.

      So we have 5 palaces x 52 days = 260 Days

      The palaces are composed of 4 Tracens each respecting the EastNorthWestSouthCenter order

The 5 Palaces cosist tracens:

  • The Eastern Palace consists of the Imix> Ik> Manik> Ahau
  • The Nordic Palace is composed of Ben> Cimi> Cauac> Eb
  • The Westic Palace consists of the Chiccan> Etznab> Chuen> Kan
  • The Southern Palace is composed of the Caban> Oc> Akbal> Cib
  • The Central Palace is made up of Muluc> Ik> Men> Lamat

      Like the Glyphs and Cells, these palaces share the same basic features of cardinal directions.

palaces tzolk'in maya mayan

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