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Tzolk’in creates a perfect model for the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching Changing Book (Model by Jose Arquelas)

      Each Hexagreme is assigned a Time Gauge of 4 Glyphs.

      The Westica of Unit 7, being the center of creation, signifies the inner child and the place where the 64 Hexagrams come from.

Tzolkin sees himself in the mirror

      Each Hexagram, Glyph, Tracena, Cell, and Unial is seen in the Mirror.


Hexagram 1 is seen in the mirror with Hexagram 2

Hexagram 43 in the mirror with Hexagram 23

Imix Tone 1 mirror with Ahau Ton 13

Ik Ton 2 mirror with Cauca Tone 12

Tracena Imix mirror with Lamat

Tracena Ix mirror with Men

Uinal 1 mirror with Uinal 13

and so forth

      In the next image, we have the Hexagram number in the center, above the cell seen in the mirror and below the numbering of each cell.

tzolk'in hexagrame i ching mayan calendar mayas

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