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About Tzolk’in Calendar

„Decipher the rhythm of life and live in harmony with it” Lao Tzu

     The Tzolk’in calendar comes officially from the heart of the wise Mayas.

     They shared it with us to make it easier for us to give our consciousness to the flow of cosmic creation.

     Translating Tzolk’in means Counting Days.

     It is the most famous of Maya calendars, also known as Master Calendar.

     It describes the processes of the cosmic creation that cycle through cycles based on a ratio of 13 Tones / Frequent and 20 Glyphs / Archetypes, giving birth to 260 Kin / Distinguished Days.

13 Tones x 20 Glyph = 260 Kin

     The 13:20 report is found in the human body through 13 main joints and 20 fingers.

     Maya culture has over 17 different calendars each with its specificity, but Tzok’in is the center around which all other calendars are spinning and synchronized with it.

     The Tzolk’in calendar is correlated with the 365-day solar calendar (called Haab to Maya) to make it easier for us to follow and harmonize with it.

     We can say that Tzolk’in is Heavenly Calendar while Haab is the Earthly Calendar.

     The Tzolk’in symbols are carved in the stone of the ancient pyramids and the Mayan monuments.

    Thus, Tzolk’in is not exactly a calendar, but a matrix that describes how the universe works, and at the same time is a device for tracking it.

     Tzolk’in is the law of time and the natural frequency of synchronization that governs the cosmic order.

     By synchronizing at this frequency, time becomes a playground for our consciousness.

     By following and aligning to the Tzolk’in rhythm our consciousness will automatically adapt to the flow of the whole creation being in harmony with the universe and becoming a conscious co-creator.

    This Tzolk’in cycle is repeated every 260 days.

     Each Creation day holds its own energy.

     Even if these days are repeated, they will be perceived differently in relation to our level of consciousness / understanding / evolution.

All of these codes are inside us.

Man is a microcosm in the macrocosm

So Tzolk’in becomes an instrument of self-knowledge and enlightenment.

The Tzolk’in calendar is made up of:

  • 20 Glyphs
  • 13 Tones
  • 20 Thracian
  • 13 Uniale
  • 52 days Portal
  • 5 Castles
  • 5 Cells
  • 260 kin

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