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The Energy of 2019

The Energy of 2019

Ma'at Spirit Adevar

     An year full of surprises, sudden changes, massive karmic clashes, illusions-expectations-faith vs. pragmatism-pessimism-depression.

     Well, as we reorient ourselves toward the center of the galaxy, and the vibration of the planet grows more and more. We move fast towards „home”. Year 2019 directs us to the North Node of Cancer. It also comes with four planets at they at home(Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune) with the beginning of new year in January 😁

     And as we know we’re getting more and more into a feminine era … because we have a year of Pig that is at the base of the Yin Water on a Celest Tulpine Earth Yin.HA! 🤗

     Since last year we have been asked to choose between what is right and what is easy to do … If 2018 brought us out of ourselves and showed us where we have problems and what we need to correct. In 2019, we will have to correct our mistakes and enter our line of destiny (in the direction of the Higher Self and in the heart). Besides, all the year 2018 brought to the surface the talents, qualities and inner power we were not aware of this. If we were not careful or did not value these qualities, now in 2019 it is time to do it. We are increasingly pressed by time and things do not fit into our comfort zone.But In the direction of the Higher Self by the establishment of divine virtues here on Earth 😀

     A case in which we have to harmonize our own desires (the wishes of the ego) with our true soul wishes. To bring a balance between social needs and materials (we have Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn remains at his home in Capricorn with Pluton ). The year 2019 is timely, short and straightforward for the correct one we have brought to the surface in the 2018 justice year. Otherwise, we do not want to imagine what to expect in 2020 with conjuction Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and unintegrated life lessons 😰

     The year of vibration 12 = 3 (2019 = 2 + 1 + 9 = 12) requires much sacrifice to deliver the inner child by lowering our minds to the heart and knowing the self of what we really are 👍

     We do not want to tell you that it will be a pink year and that everything will be fine or that there will only be some predispositions to disaster … because it is not so from the point of view of the energies that happen on the planet. More for those who know the purpose and have a conscious spiritual evolution. Revolts, earthquakes, economic crises and other „gender” bullying will not leave us. Against … they will be more and more accentuated if the man does not understand that he must return home to his heart and to his spiritual values.

     As the vibration increases automatically and the karmic of payments becomes more and more pronounced.That happens that many spirits leave and appear uneven and radical changes in society and within us. You will be full of mystery where many aspects will end they are no longer useful for our evolution. The geomagnetic wave is affected by the vibrations coming from „space” … so too. All this until we reach point 0.

     It is necessary to master ourselves, to know us well, what we have to do and where we are heading. After a second semester of the year and after Uranus will present his presence in Taurus, we will have people with principles and spiritual values. The time has come to make order in chaos 🙂

We do not want to sell the illusions of genus:

  • Aries-2019 comes with a lot of money and women
  • Taurus-Happy Family and Healthy Children
  • Monkey-peace and love
  • etc.

     Every man is unique and is his spritiual evolution on this planet and this body under the influence of various archetypal energies. That is why we encourage you to do your Energy Footprint Analysis to know you better and know exactly where your energy can influence vine 👍

Thank you and I love you 🤗 ❤️

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