Meniu Închide

The End of Duality

dorja tibetana


There is one Absolute Reality and this is the Self.

Absolute is not composed of parts or separate things brought together, it is an All That contains all of them. Just as the ocean containing each drop is not quantified.

The Absolute is Etern and is in everything that exists and does not exist.

Absolute is not born of nothing, for nothing itself denies existence. Everything is Absolute everything is existence. Everything in Himself exists.

There is no beginning and end, the Self is the Eternal Reality without cause and effect.

Everything is in Everything. In 1 are all the other digits.

The self already knows itself, it is without a beginning and already knows what is without a beginning.

Nothing is born, nothing dies. Absolute / Self being eternal only exists.

There is neither Truth nor Illusion. There is only the beginning and endless self. Thus Truth and Illusion become one and the same thing as the Ego and the Self or Light and Darkness.

What exists in Himself can only be in Himself.

What is not born and does not die has the same nature at present. It’s Etern.

Everything is the Self. There is no second perception to perceive Himself.

The Abosulute knows Himself, being without a beginning and ending can not know anyone else. You can not think of the one who thinks things because he is the Self that is in you, everything and everything.

There is no beginning and ending, there is no Strengthening and Enlightenment / Liberation, because there is no one to release or accomplish.

Absolute can not be defined, the very attempt to define it I deny existence, it is without beginning and without end or attributes. The correct method of understanding the Self is Non-Duality „Neither This, Neither This.”

The Self

The self is immortal, eternal, free and pure.

It is beyond what is known and unknown. But he is in all that is known and unknown.

Existence is the self and what is real.

Aum vibration (OM) is itself the Self.

The self does not need to be realized, He is already realized.

Pure consciousness (the Self) becomes the witness of everything that exists.

There is only one witness that is the Self in all and everything. The ocean unchanged.

The self is the teacher and the goal.

He does not accept or refuse Himself since He is omnipresent and omniscient.

Self-knowledge does not depend on meditation or something. You are by nature the Eternal Self.

The self does not need to worship a statue or to pray to someone since he knows he only exists. The self does not need anyone to meditate or pray on it.

Spirituality is an Illusion in the Material world. The real awakening is Self-Awareness.

What is forgiveness and love when you live in Truth? Everything is the Self, the Self does not need to forgive itself because it has no reason and how. There is no „I” to forgive. There is only the Self and so.

You can not be honest or humiliated when you realize that there are only the Self. You are the Ocean itself.

Pure Consciousness / Self is devoid of the relationship between Subject and Object.

The thought of having to do something happened before you did that. You are just the Witness. The witness is the Self itself. Like a character in a video game that thinks he (the character) makes the decisions and plays the game … in reality the Keyboard Self itself plays that character.

Self-knowledge does not reveal the Self and does not transform anything, but understands everything as it is.

The Self is neither Stretched nor Released, it is always the Absolute Absolute Absolutely Liberating Reality.

There are no differences or indifferent there is only the Self.

The Ignorance and The Ego

To learn what you are, you need to eliminate what you are not.

Happiness and the Unfortunate of the mind spring from the painful ignorance of the non-acceptance of the spiritual truth.

Gold is the essence of a gold statue. So gold is the Self and the Statue / the Ego form. Gold and the statue are one and the same thing. Thus the Self and the Ego become one and the same thing.

Vacuum is form, shape is vacuum.

He who has achieved Non-Duality has no one to exalt or humiliate. The self exists.

There is no escape from the ego and it becomes something else, „I can not” have the experience of not being „I”. He is non-existent and can not enter Absolute. „Neither This, Neither This.” Eliminating everything you do not realize you have nothing to eliminate since you are the Self and everything that exists is in Absolute.

The ocean goes in one direction, the ocean drop can not go in another direction since it is the ocean itself.

Spirit is one with the Ocean. Indeed, there are no individualistic spirits.

The ego is inexistent otherwise you would be 2 instead of one. Know yourself, and ignorance of Ego will disappear.

There are no differences in body, soul, spirit, self, and absolute. In fact, all are one and the same.

The ignorant is believed to be above or below Self. He who knows the Self realizes that there are only the Self.

As long as there is ignorance there is no Self-Knowledge. Self-knowledge is what eliminates ignorance. Everything is the Self.

Rational Arguments are counterbalanced by equally strong opposing arguments. Reason or emotion can not know the Self. The self knows itself.

When He knows the Self then he does not have anyone to realize. Everything becomes the eternal beatitude of existence.

Eternal is not realized by what is not Etern.

Fish needs to be lost in the ocean just as man needs to lose in Absolute.

Knowing Self as being, eliminates the ignorance of selflessness. Like the light that envelops the darkness.

Truth and Illusion

Truth and Illusion are one and the same thing.

Existence and Non-Existence occurring on the same substances.

Non-Existence can not exist when everything is the Self.

Illusion can not touch the one who knows the Self and becomes non-Dualist.

Everything is a concept of mind from the perspective of the „Ego”. With the completion of life lessons in this dimension, only the Self remains.

Truth is not destroyed and illusion is not born. In truth, the Self only exists.

Nothing is the opposite of the Self.

As long as there is an „I” to perceive something, that thing exists. Everything exists as long as you want to exist.

The Absolute Truth is given by the fact that there is no Absolute Truth. It depends only on you what shape the Reality that surrounds you will take shape.

Just like the character in the video game. Everything in that game is an illusion perceived by the character. In truth there are only the Self that plays that character. This makes the game and character become existing and True to „Me” and for Himself to be simple Illusions of a video game.

Everything is an Illusion everything is True.

Everything is Existence. There is only one substance that includes both Light and Darkness.

The Individual Soul is the same with Absolute. There is only consciousness. Everything is Consciousness.

With Self-Knowledge there is no Reincarnation anymore. There is only the Self.

Illusion and Truth become one and the same object. Otherwise, how can you know that you live in an Illusion or Truth? Who is the renter? In reality, there are only the Self.

Illusion makes you think apart from yourself. The removal of Illusion is done by Self-realization. And the Self does not need anyone doing this diffuse it realizes it is already realized. Simply let yourself be lost in the beatitude of the Absolute.

There is neither existence nor existence. The self is both.

Something real can not give rise to something unreal. This is the Self. „Neither this, Neither This”. Just the Self.

The truth is that everything is the Self. Everything else is a Myth.

Consciousness does not know what does not exist because there is only consciousness.

There is no existence of what is True nor the existence of what is Illustrus. There is only the Self.

„I” filters just what he wants to see. Thus it only receives 0.1% of the Truth. In reality everything is Light.

The „I” separates and accepts only what He wants to see in His Ignorance. Eliminating this ignorance through self-knowledge, see existence as it is.

Everything works on vibrations. The self is the one that plays with vibrating waves in this world Frequency Illustrating.

Eliminating the beliefs and beliefs of the „Self” remains just the Self.

There is no Spirituality or Materialism. There is only consciousness.


The Absolute Eternal Absolute has no Cause and Effect since it has no beginning and ending. He just exists.

The Illusion of Cause and Effect is valid for those Ignorants in Duality. In truth, there are only the Self.

The self does not have Karma; it is the cause and effect of all. If a bird puts on a branch and falls the fruit that is the real cause of the fall of the fruit? The fact that the bird was put on the tree? Or was the fruit too bloody? Or because the bird was born? Or because there is a tree? The real cause is the existence. The self is responsible for everything and everything

„I” thinks there is a cause and a purpose for the perceptions he has. When they give up, there is no cause and purpose but just existence.

A policeman, physician, psychologist, electrician and other „I” will see a different cause and solution than a situation. Everyone sees a different cause and solution in a situation according to the „Ego” vision they play.

There is no local cause or location since everything is in the Ocean. There are no separate Ocean events. All this applies only to people living in Duality. Karma’s illusion is due to Life Lessons by understanding Bad and Good before you reach Self-Knowledge. Through self-knowledge of evil and good you realize that there is no Good and Evil from the perspective of „Ego” but that it is all Consciousness.

Bad and Good are becoming relative to the vision of „I”. Each „I” has a different perspective on Good and Evil. In truth, there are only the Non-Dualist Self that sees life as it is.

Like anything to happen, the Self must participate. The cause of all things is the Ocean itself.

The self is without beginning and endless so neither the cause nor the effect is born.

The effect is perceived when the cause is present. Through Self-Knowledge disappears the Cause and Effect, and only Existence remains.

Liberation and Chaining

There is no Chaining and Liberation except in the mind of the Ignorant one. The self only exists.

To get yourself rid of something, you have to know first what it is. And through Self-Knowledge you realize the inexistence of Chaining and Liberation. So you have freed yourself from your own Ignorance and Illusion.

In Truth there is no Chaining and Liberation

If „I” dissolves in Himself, it frees itself from all the anxieties.

Liberation involves the elimination of Ignored by Self-Knowledge.

Ignorance is responsible for karma and desires that give birth to Healing. Liberation occurs when the mind does not long for something, but enjoys the beatitude of Self-Knowledge.

Liberation is not a state to be achieved. Liberation is already realized by the Non-Existence of Ignorance.

Knowing the Self and eliminating illusions are simultaneously.

The one who does not want neither to be entangled nor to deliver is truly delivered.

The Cause of Extortion is your perception of something. Maintain non-duality „Neither this, Neither this”.

In fact, being Not Righteous, then why do you still struggle to obtain Enlightenment?

With the removal of the Cause, Ignorance disappears and the Knowledge of Eternal Self appears in existence.

The freed is beyond the law, by knowing the laws of evil and good.


The Self is Enlightment beyond any technique, path, practice or meditation.

It lives in itself and eliminates everything that does not belong to the truth.

No one is born, no one dies, no one is chaining and no one is released. The self does not need a seeker to release it or release it to confirm it.

There is no teacher and disciple because there is no teaching. Everything is Consciousness.

There is no personal mission, there is no plan of existence, there are no life lessons because there is no Individual Karma. Man just lives the illusion of separation from himself and has faith in all this. The Self knows Himself in Duality. The self is experiencing itself. Thus Astrology, Numerology, Meditation, Rituals, Breathing Techniques, Healing, Physics, Science, and Other Sciences are just to help us to awaken through Self-Knowledge.

There is nobody and nothing to enlighten Enlightenment since the Self is already enlightened.

  • If you were not using your mind, emotions, memories, perceptions, deductions or memories … Are you a man or are you a woman? Are you definable or undefined?
  • If you were not using your mind, emotions, memories, perceptions, deductions or memories … Are you perfect or imperfect? Are you limited or unlimited?
  • If you do not use your mind, emotions, memories, perceptions, deductions or memories … Are you sinful or holy? Are you worthy or unmerited?
  • If you do not use your mind, emotions, memories, perceptions, deductions or memories … Are you complete or incomplete? Realized or Unrealized?
  • If you were not using your mind, emotions, memories, perceptions, deductions or memories … Are you happy or sad? Powerful or Poor?
  • If you were not using your mind, emotions, memories, perceptions, deductions or memories … Are you lover or tough? Relational or Singular?
  • If you were not using your mind, emotions, memories, perceptions, deductions or memories … Are you in chaos or in order? Are You Existing or Not Existing?

How Do You Know You Are Illuminated or Not?

How do you differentiate the Truth of Illusion?

The Truth through Intuition goes further through the Ration to Scripture.

The Physical, Eternal, Astral, Mental, Caused, Buddy, Atmic, and Monad are the same and the same. You realized the Self and stayed in Synchronicity.

There is no Legacy and Liberation. Then what is the purpose of meditation for Enlightenment?

He who knows the Self becomes the Self. You set your mind on Self and leave you merged. This is the only Self.

Subject and Object are made as a whole.

The self does not lack anything. The self is everything and everything. He has it all. It is in the right place at the right time, it is in Synchrony and it is one with everything and everything.

The self must not be realized because it is already accomplished. Let yourself see this.

Nothing of the above is true unless you want it to be. The absolute truth is that there is no absolute truth. It depends only on you what shape will take the reality that surrounds you.