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Feminine Energies

     Maybe at this time we all go to the planetary level, feminine energies are best suited to our healing and entry into the Trinity to awaken the inner child. We leave a male age and enter a feminine one. That’s what we all know.

     Female energy were known under different names depending on the region. At the base they have the same essence.

     Here are the most well-known Goddesses and some of their features, it’s always for you to connect intuitively with these energies to better understand them.

Geea (Gaia)

mama pamant

     Personalizes the spirit of the Earth / Earth. It is recognized as the primordial element of which all the gods are born. Maya – Illusion. It is through which we can complete our life lessons here on Earth in Duality.

Virgin Mary

fecioara maria

     The Mother of God think you all know it. It is the most well-known energy of the Divine Mother. It is esoterically known that the Mother of God stood above the heavens. We want to make a remark that all geometric shapes fit into a cube. And the cube corresponds to the female Earth element.



     Symbol of marriage and fertility. Family harmony, chastity and fidelity. Aware of arts such as astrology, resurrection, healing, and sexuality. It is the one that initiates people in the arts of magic.



     The goddess where time stops. Symbol of absolute truth. The one who cuts the head of the ego to self-reliance. It is seen by humans as the most ugliest goddess because it brings the truth to the surface. Kali makes you separate the Illusion of Truth. Mandira, ego, lying or anything else stand beside the Great Kali Goddess.

Quan Yin

quan yin

     Goddess of Compassion. He is the Goddess who always prays to give him a man’s chance. The one who offers compassion and support in absolutely any situation without asking for karma pay or punishing for mistakes. Personalizes the absolute goodness of Love. It is the goddess who rejects any form of punishment that swore to remain on earth until every being is illuminated. It is also known as the one who listens to people’s prayers.



     It is the Tara that leads us on our evolutionary plane. It is he who gives us healing and makes us heal our negative aspects by transmuting them. That’s how we avoid making a heavy karma in the future. By understanding Tara’s energy we learn the art of alchemizing and healing more deeply. The country offers us the opportunity to have an accelerated evolution by understanding the lessons and overcoming our inferior parts.

Mary Magdalene

maria magdalena

     Mary Magdalene is also known as the wife of Jesus. It has a special energy and a feminine power of great proportions. Her energy will overcome the blockages and pains you have to heal them. It is also she who will encourage you and give you strength in what you want to do. If you are open to it, and you most seriously want to remove the blockages to the surface and heal them. Mary Magdalene loves you a lot.

     Here are briefly the major features of these Feminine Goddesses / Energies. In reality, things are more complex. We encourage you to connect your conscious with each of them through the Meditation of entering the Sacred Space of Heart. There you can access and understand their energies much easier.

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