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Tantric Meditation

meditatie tantra

      More specifically, Tantra is the merging in absolute and living in truth by knowing the self. They unite the body with the spirit, the masculine with the feminine, the heaven with the earth, the ego with the self and become one and the same thing. Be aware that everything is one consciousness that moves in everything and everything. Everything is infinite in the truth. Without beginning and endlessness. No cause and no effect. Everything is eternal, everything is existence, everything is consciousness.

      The union of something and something gives rise to a third. Male + Female = Child, Black + White = Gray. This is how life is formatted, knows the principles of the trinity. Always something + something else is born. That else is you.

     Tantra being profaned, as well as other esoteric sciences and arts such as astrology, yoga, even the chakra system. When we first hear tantra we think about sex. Which is partly true. If we are to refer to this, the whole universe is in a cosmic grace. She has sex and is in orgasm, the beauty of existence.

     We have to move from profane to sacred. That is, from the profane idea that we know our life and belong to the sacred to live with life and the awareness that everything is in synchronicity and the self is life itself. By renouncing the idea that you are the one who owns and the one who confronts and cares … it remains only the self that moves through you, in yourself and self-acknowledging oneself. Thus, the ego does not lay hold on knowledge and says it is his, but understands that the self holds all knowledge, existence and beauty, and life itself.

     When we look for a merger with the other (we do sex) or we lie that we are looking for the soul mate, we are actually looking for ourselves. We seek to fuse in absolute. Let us know ourselves.

     In order to remain in the truth and to know you, you must first eliminate what puts you face to face not to see that you are one with existence and you know yourself.

     There is much controversy between the relationship between a man and a woman on the idea of ​​tantra. Why? Because they have the autocorruption of Maya’s pleasures and they say they do Tantra. You will really realize that you are doing tantra when you are not finished and realize that everything around you and within you is one consciousness. Here you can call yourself a tantrist, and you do not need a partner to do that. In this case it is also possible with a compatible partner. The partner comes by himself. You bring it to life. Refuge in the kind and kind of relationships seeking fusion with self, you only bring deception. It’s like the desires that you always have and always. You meet one desire and another appears, you meet one, and two more appear … and so on. So are these multiple relationships. Whoever wants to have more relationships, then assume, but he does not have to deal with Tantra if he does not really do it.

     Of course, in order to reach this experience with your partner, there must be perfect physical, astral and mental compatibility between the two of you. You have to be on the same wavelength, understand and feed yourself very well. Otherwise, if you look at the streets at the bottom of another and say, „Mother what good is this” in the instict … is not in such a tantric relationship. It’s just physical. Or there are many women today who give themselves to Tantriss through the prostitutes they do and have a few aborts in the file. They are craftsmen in Tantra with the mouth that some call it siddhi power. Well, these women are in great suffering and seek to know themselves and merge in the absolute. It’s just that they are the autocorruption of these senses and feelings of the physical body, and they say they actually do Tantra or something. In reality, it is an illusion. Physical and body pleasures are necessary. The fact that you think you are the physical body and these feelings belong to you, here is the corruption. Because it pulls you down and keeps you in Maya. The idea is to integrate them by self-knowledge, not to corrupt you. It does not mean to eliminate physical pleasures, otherwise the body degrades, but it must be combined with the other bodies you need to become aware of, such as the astral, the mental and the other.

     If you are aware that all is one consciousness and you are one and the same thing with the Self, then you can call the tantrist. You can do this also through your relationship with a partner, but also through awareness.

     Living this with a partner will not be posting it today, because it is something unique for everybody and purely living. There are no books to learn this. What is on the market is superficial. And when you have this experience it becomes somewhat impossible to explain and it can make you mistaken. So you just have to let go.

     We do a very effective meditation you can do yourself (it’s not related to quartz vibrators under the guise of doing tantra or excessive masturbation under the pretext of training you not to let go of other stupid things).

Here we go

  • We open the next tone and adjust the sound volume so we hear it and do not bother anything around us
  • Start abdominal breathing and relax deeply as explained here.
  • Once you have reached a state of relaxation and breathing is easy, we begin meditation.
  • You have to imagine yourself in a place on Earth. Simply, the first image that appears to you in being alone and just with you.
  • Once you have arrived here, I want you to feel how the air / wind on Earth is one and the same with your breathing. Imagine and feel that all the air and wind on Mother Earth are one and the same with your breathing. Do this for 2-3 minutes until you integrate it.
  • Further, you feel like every drop of water on Earth is one with your blood. The ocean is one with your blood. The rivers flowing are one with your veins. The lakes are one with water in your body. All the water on Earth becomes one and the same with the water in your body. Integrate the water for 2-3 minutes into the body.
  • Next, you feel how every piece of Earth is one with your body. How to become one and the same with your bones. Plains and plateaus become one and the same thing with your body. Breathe and integrate that you are one with the Earth 2-3 minutes.
  • Now you have to feel how your body and Mother Earth are one and the same thing. Feel all the purified air you breathe as one with the pure air on the planet, feel all the rivers and all the water on Earth become one and the same with the water in your body. Feel how the earth itself is your physical body.
  • Further, you have to imagine and feel how the sun that illuminates the planet lies in your heart and shines. You have to imagine and feel how the sun is one with your spirit. As you and the sun are one and the same. Breathe the sun for 2-3 minutes, feel the warmth and love that it offers to Earth and the Physical Body. Feel how Spirit and Matter are in fact one and the same thing.
  • Just stay in this state of present and union.

Now that you realize that all is one consciousness you can call yourself Tantrism.