Meniu Închide

Meditation Unification of Heaven and Earth

The next Meditation is very important for our spiritual evolution and must become part of our lives. Meditation inspired from Drunvalo Melchizedek

mama pamant

     Breathing on the Pranic Tube connects us with heaven and earth. So it balances our Masculine and Feminine energies. Moreover, we do not become any spiritual vegetables in which everything is „pink” and we ruin the material part, but neither materialists that have forgotten our existential purpose as a spirit.

     This meditation becomes very important as a blessing ceremony of Heaven and Earth. Because we need the blessing of Mother Earth and the Sun Father to move on to whatever we do. Without gratitude for Heaven and Earth and without their blessing, we have no force to materialize our heart’s desires.

     The longer we breathe on the Pranic Tube, the more energy and prana / chi / ki assimilated into our mental, emotional and physical structures. In this way to breathe, Prana enters the Glanda Pinela and Pituitary.

By doing this Meditation / Breath daily, many of the problems of your life will disappear on its own.

     To begin with, we need to imagine Pranic Tube. It has unique dimensions for each. The size is given by the resulting diameter when we join our thumb with the the middle finger. This diameter is also the diameter of the Pranic Tube.

     As in the picture below it is located along the spine. It goes down through the scrotum and up through the fontana.

Let’s begin

  • First you have to relax and breathe abdomen and rhythm as we have learned here. You can put meditation tones to balance your brain hemispheres, making it easier for you to access alpha and even theta. A few tones post us here. They are a lot more, each chooses a tone with which it resonates.
  • Tone 1
  • Tone 2
  • Tone 3
  • The tongue should be held in the mouth of the mouth. Take the tongue from the mouth of your mouth to the back, and in the place where it becomes soft, you must keep the tip of the tongue throughout the meditation. The technique connects the heart with the brain and produces alpha waves.
  • Now I want you to imagine this white-gold color tube in your structures. Imagine and feel this light tube inside you.
  • Next, lift this light tube down to the center of the earth. You have to take him down until he gets to the center of the earth.
  • In the Heart Chakra I want you to gather in a golden ball all the love she felt for Mother Earth. Imagine the beautiful places you have been on Earth, or remember a beautiful experience you have experienced on Earth. You must feel love, respect and gratitude for Mother Earth. Do this for 2-3 minutes and after you have gathered in your heart chakra in a golden ball your love for Mother Earth, I want you to send it through the pranic tube down to the center of the Earth. Here Mother Earth will send back her love and gratitude to you.
  • Next, increase the pranic tube up to the center of the Sun. Imaginative and felt like this tube went up through the fontana as it gets into the center of the sun. You have to imagine and gather love for everything that the cosmos means in a golden ball in your heart chakra. For stars, for planets, for the Sun that offers you warmth. Live these moments with Love, Respect and Gratitude for Heaven and for God. Do this for 2-3 minutes and when you fill the golden ball from your Heart Chakra with love for Heaven, send it through the pranic tube in the center of the Sun. Here the Sun will send back to you His Gratitude and His Love.
  • Now you need to feel the warmth in your chest and heart chakra
  • Simultaneously I want you to imagine on every inspiration how you receive love through the pranic tube below from Mother Earth and from above the Father of the Sun through the Pranic Tube in your Heart Chakra. With every inspiration you have from the Center of the Earth and the Sun Center you receive their love. And with every exhilaration you have from your heart chakra you offer love through the Pranic Tube in the Center of the Earth and in the Center of the Sun. Inspire the Pranic Tube to get love and exhale to move on.

     This meditation must be done daily. With easy time, you have to start breathing every second on the conscious pranic tube. Give love, gratitude and receive in return.

     Next, we will do the „Breathing of the Heart” meditation with entering the Sacred Space of the heart. Meditation that can make you aware of contact with the Higher Self, with life, with God and with you. But first you have to get used to breathing on the Pranic Tube.