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Meditation The Sacred Space of the Heart

spatiul sacru al inimii

     Meditation is apparently simple. It is possible that you are already in the Sacred Space of Heart after the Meditation of the Heavenly Union with the Earth and do not realize it.

What is important

  • Follow the steps you follow in the Meditation of the Heavenly Union with the Earth.
  • This meditation is only after you have correctly traveled through the above meditation with Heaven and Earth.
  • Tongue is always in the mouth of the mouth as we have discussed in previous meditation.
  • In the background you can use the hemispheres balancing tones as well as an easier entry into alpha-theta.

     After you’ve gone through all of the above steps and made the connection between Heaven and Earth in your heart’s chakra, keep breathing conscious on the Pranic Tube

  • Imagine and feel in your heart a Nose that breathes. With every inspiration you make this Nose in the heart inspires and with every expiration you make, your nose is also exhaled. Do this for 2-3 minutes.
  • After enough breathing, I want you to take your consciousness behind your heart. There, behind the heart, you will see a vortex of energy. That vortex is the entrance door to the Sacred Space of Heart. Just let this vortex appear and let yourself be dragged into it.
  • Get into this vortex behind your heart
  • At this point you entered the Sacred Space of Heart. Now you have to consciously ask to make light.
  • Do not forget the tongue is still in the mouth of your mouth.
  • When you asked for light, the landscape may differ for each. Or maybe there is not a landscape can be just colors or just shapes or anything else. Experience is unique to everyone

     In this Space of Heart you can get information about everything you want to know with the Pineal Gland activated. In the Sacred Space of Heart, ask Pineal Gland to open. The pineal gland should normally open immediately if you are ready and the superior self allows.

     By entering the Sacred Space of the Heart and opening the Pineal Gland, any kind of information about past, present or future can be shown. This is also the place where you can travel in reincarnations or you can make healings or anything else. Here we are all interconnected.

     We have just given a simple technique to enter it. Every man is unique and can find his own way of entering the Sacred Space of His Heart.

    Usually people fail to remain in the Sacred Space of the Heart and activate the Pineal Gland due to the uninvited life lessons and the traumas that have been put on the Heart. Here we have created the Energy Footprint Analysis to see what plan of existence you have and where you have the deepest trauma you need to heal.

     In addition to the Sacred Spaceship of the heart there is another Space called the Small Sacred Space of the Heart + other mysteries that we can not write down here.

     We recommend to those who want to deepen this Mystery, WorkShop Awakening The Iluminated Heart initiated by Drunvalo Melchizedek through his accredited teachers and his book, The Sacred Space of the Heart.

Thank you and We Love you