Meniu Închide

Meditation Cleansing and Energy Balance

peisaje velo

      This meditation is so simple, so effective for cleaning the fields and balancing the elements in the body.

     We start with the beginning of Abdominal and Rhythmic Breathing that we discussed here.

  • We are relaxing more and more by following the guidelines above
  • When we are relaxed enough and we have entered into an alpha state, we ask the higher self to show us a landscape where we can load.
  • Here the first thought that will come and the first imagination will be a specific landscape for you at the moment for energy cleaning and balancing
  • It may be a mountain or volcanic landscape or beach or whatever you need.
  • When the landscape appears, you must stay in it
  • Imagine how you are there and breathe.
  • Breathe through all the pores of your body and feel the energy of that landscape come into you and cleanse the body
  • With each inspiration you bring energy into the body and with each expiration you put out the negative energy you no longer need
  • Do this for 4-5 minutes if you feel the need for each
  • After you have completed this stage it is important to imagine around you a ring that moves from top to bottom
  • Imagine and feel this ring as it moves from top to bottom around you with the energy brought from that landscape
  • The more you inhale and exhale, the faster it moves to integrate the energy of the landscape into every cell in your body
  • Do this for 2-3 minutes and then you can get out of meditation. You will feel much quieter, relaxed and energized.

     Meditation is very effective when we are vampirized, tired, or we need energy balance. More than balancing the elements in the body can help us to deal with certain medical problems or by the accumulated energy you can access some of the information you are looking for. But the effectiveness of this exercise will convince yourself. Along with this exercise you can also do the Tibetan 5 Rituals.