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Healing Meditation, yours and others


     There are a lot of healing techniques and meditations. Most of our belief system and our imagination.

     First of all, we need to understand what healing is. Healing takes place on several levels. Perhaps for some higher beings you are considered ill, but you consider yourself normal.

     The simplest form of healing occurs when you are aware of the problem and the solution. Here, instant healing can also occur. And in order to be aware of the cause of a problem in the mind of the sick one must appear the idea that he is ill. So if he does not know he is sick and is not in pain to seek healing, then healing does not come.

     You can not cure / correct a thing that you do not consider wrong. If I do not think it’s bad to smoke then I can not even cure someone. Because I am at a level of acceptance.

     If in your life everything is pure light and love then there are great chances to see something to heal in others.

     But if inside you there is a problem. For example, you have traumatized men and you see aggression in every man. Then you have to heal this aspect within you and so you can heal the others. Here we recommend the book Joe Vitale – Zero Limits using Ho’Oponopono techniques. We must forgive and love ourselves to see the others healed.

     You can still cure others when you understand the trauma and they come to you to heal them. You’ve already outgrown that aspect, you understand and know how to help them too.

     A golden rule in healing is the acceptance of the Higher Self. You do not have the right and you can not often cure someone unless you have the consent of the Superior Self of both yourself and yours. Maybe that man has something to learn in the situation that you see the problem with him.

     And the simplest way to heal someone is to follow the indications of the Higher Self. You may do nothing but talk about cats and heal yourself. Or anything else.

     Healing occurs where Love is. If we want to heal someone, it is essential to feel love first and foremost for him.

A few steps

  • To have the Superior Self’s and ours (see here the article on the Higher Self)
  • Asking the Higher Self how we can help him
  • Identify the Cause of the Problem
  • First to eliminate the old stored energy that becomes negative in this situation + the astral possessions
  • Replace it with our love and see the healed person
  • Imagine the person being already cured and in a few months.

      Besides, it is important for the patient to believe in us. Because his beliefs influence reality. Or if he does not have the belief that we can heal him then we can not do miracles with him.

      Meditation is simple. And we can cure someone from a distance, not necessarily to be near him. Because we all live simultaneously in several dimensions and we are all one. It’s about our perception that we have. Obviously, every healer has his techniques. I will tell you one of the simplest and most effective methods.

     First of all, we must do the Meditation of Entering into the Sacred Space of Heart.

     Then we imagine that person in the Sacred Space of our Heart.

     If we have made good contact with the Higher Self and entered the Sacred Space of the Heart + the Active Pineal Gland, we can see its aura, see where there are organ problems, see and cause, and see the solution. How this all looks, depends on each one of the Higher Self as well.

Here are the simple steps

  • First you must eliminate the black, gray and negative energy of his aura and organs. You can imagine the negative energy in a purple light that clears, or take the negative energy and send it to the center of the earth. Mother Earth will turn it. You have to see if the person has astral possessions. I mean, she has other beings that possess it. If he has beings that possess it then you must call the Archangel Michael and take that being into his world. If you found an intrusion, an astral possession just communicates with the being that possesses it, and invites Archangel Michael to come and take him to his world. Believe me that if it is granted the divinity it will be fulfilled. If not, there are cases when the person is making karmic payments through the spirits he owns or has debt to them.
  • After we have eliminated our possessions and negative energy, we must send love to that person
  • It’s simple to just feel love for that person and see his aura and the body full of light and vital
  • Next, it is essential to imagine the person being already cured and to imagine it in 2-3-4-5 months healed.
  • This is all. So simple not?

     If you had the consent of the higher self, the patient understood the cause of the problem found the solution, and you did the healing work, then there is no way to make this technique wrong. By analyzing the energy footprint we can see the various causes of the problems and their solution.

The best technique of healing is living in Self and in Truth

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