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Energy Footprint Analysis

Know yourself

Astrolog Potential Iluminare Spiritualitate

     From ancient times until now, you know yourself, it remains the most profound and true learning we can take part in. Who knows himself knows God. His being a microcosmos in the macrocosmos. So we can get to be Co-Creators and let us materialize the desires of the conscious heart and in harmony with nature 👍

     By knowing ourselves we can have a conscious and accelerated spiritual evolution in the perfection of our character.This is how we avoid repeating reincarnations or harassing karma.We avoided evolving through suffering, but evolving through self-knowledge.We will not hit our karmic payments anymore or lessons of life from all sides to awaken ourselves spiritually, but we will have a righteous walk and in agreement with our higher self.

    We have created a unique system of calculating the energy footprint for a better self-knowledge. For the calculation, we help with studies in arts such as Astrology, Numerology, Chiromancy, Tzolk’in Calendar, Radiostethia, Tarot, Sacred Heart Space and other esoteric knowledge studied over time.👍

     By analyzing the energy footprint we can extract the information we are looking for, which we need even more. Some aspects that we take out of the energy footprint analysis:

  • Analysis of the existential plan
  • Talents, Qualities,Defects
  • Challenges in life
  • The karmic charge we have come from other lives
  • What we have chosen to experience in this life
  • Why I came to this incision more accurately
  • From what existential space I came (or the planet where you are Starseed)
  • The best job
  • The type of relationship in which it is compatible
  • The karmic relationship we are with our partner
  • The most profound trauma
  • The solution to healing the trauma
  • Spirit guidance
  • In what direction can you continue
  • And many other information according to your needs

     Energy footprint analysis applies to everyone. We apply individually, in couple, family and children. So, we can better understand why we have the pain we have in life, what they want from us and how we can solve it.


     Besides analyzing the energy footprint we also make healings. Thus we apply energy techniques to heal our body, soul and mind. We look in the aura, the chakras, the fields and the solution. Therapy is done at a distance if there is no possibility of a meeting. Healing does not involve any cost, and energy therapy applies if there is guidance to the higher self. If we have the superior self-acceptance, therapy is applied at no extra cost. But before it is important to do the energy footprint analysis to see the existential plan and astral influence.

     We encourage you to do your energy analysis in order to get to know you better and to have a conscious spiritual evolution and in agreement with the higher self 👍


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