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Course Calendar Tzolk’in

     Through my studies and experience of the Tzolk’in Calendar along with the guidance of my Spirit Guides, I have synthesized a well-crafted and explicit Course to teach you something more original known to very few.

In reality the Tzolk’in is not so much a Calendar as it is a Matrix of manifestation of the higher dimensions.

     The beauty of the Tzolk’in Calendar is its so simple and concrete way to Synchronize with the highest dimensions of existence and live in synchronicity with life. Through this ancient teaching from the Heart of the Mayans you will learn to decipher life connected to the influence of higher dimensions.

     Learn to tune into your Self more easily, understand the messages and why they are giving you, transcend the issues they bring up and honor life as it is simple and perfect.

     More The Tzolk’in Calendar also has its part of divination and the Cosmogram through which you can find out information according to your date of birth such as: with what karmic load I came from the past, what qualities, talent, defect I inherited in the present, where I – I chose to go and what support I have from the universe to reach where I set out to.

     Of course this information is superficial compared to what this Calendar can do in our Life, so I don’t want to take my word for it, but I want you to dig into it in this course and prove me right afterwards.

Price: 180 Euro