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Palm Signs

     Signs accentuate or change a certain trait depending on where it is placed and the links it forms with other aspects of the palm.

  • Branched lines lose strength and show the direction of the energy of the line
  • The lines with spots stop growing and mark a salvation in that area
  • The line garnished with fringes weakens the indications given by the line is losing much energy
  • Wavy lines indicate a lack of force and uncertainty
  • Interrupted lines destroy the meaning of the line showing that a particular work is terminated by lacy hours or the situation of the service family or trait
  • Twin lines increase or double the importance of the line, show two sets of values, two personalities, outside help, or double lifestyle

     Breaks of points and islands represent interruptions in a person’s life experience

  • The points: energy explosion, when the person became angry or agitated about something
  • Transversal Lines: Set of circumstances that interrupt an individual’s progression, consumes a lot of energy and time to put things in order
  • Island: It reduces the power of the line or mountain where it is, stress and confusion, is like a blockage and does not let the energies flow freely, like an interruption, uncertainty
  • The cross: the cross amplifies any quality of the mountain on which it is located. If it is well drawn is a positive sign, crosses on the lines indicate obstacles.changes, warnings
  • Star: unexpected event, something coming from itself, surprises, predestination
  • Triangle: special skill in a field, flair and inclination, mindfulness, talent in the indicated area, easy to understand certain situations
  • Right and square: Developing that domain, restraining and accountability, increasing, enhancing the quality of the area it finds, demanding more energy and understanding in that area
  • The grid: the waste of energy, diminishes the qualities, too much pressure in the indicated area
  • Bifurcation: All lines that divide are forfeited
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