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Palm Mountains

     Chiromantie Linii Palma GhicitMountains are those fleshy parts on the surface of the flame that are designed to cover and rotate like cushions the nerve endings and the blood vessels of the palm.

      Mountains are the forces that put our lives in motion. It affects us more or less depending on how they are developed.

      Mountains are like energy reservoirs, they indicate the activity of different regions of the brain and represent the forces that move us.

      They reveal what we are interested in and where we consume energy according to the mountain (wearing the name of the planet and denoting the same characteristics as in astrology), its size and the lines formed on it

The Venus Mountain (under the fleshy half-circle around the base of the thumb):

  • is the main artery of the hand that is divided here into smaller blood vessels, is a good indicator of the general development of the person of blood circulation of the desire for life and physical resilience, the reservoir of vitality, the passion of the person for life

Jupiter’s Mount (under the index finger):

  • sense of righteousness, high moral standards, self-esteem, consciousness of own value, developed sense of identity, understanding of one’s own powers, infusion, self-esteem

Saturn’s Mount (Under Middle Finger):

  • stability, wealth and property, elementary needs, agriculture, study, moody mood, melancholy, pessimism, vocation of suffering, manifest interest in occult sciences

The Mount of the Sun (under the ring finger):

  • creativity, arts, happiness, satisfaction, success, warmth, generosity, optimism, pleasure, attractive personality, luck, strident tastes, extravagance, attract attention, poetry, art, glory, success

Mount Mercury (under the ring finger):

  • communicating the possibilities of expression, freedom, friendship, business sense, lack of self-confidence, fear of ridicule, chattering, gossip, negotiation, speculation

The Mountain of the Upper Mars (Between Mercury Mountain and the Mount of the Moon):

  • tolerance, perseverance, self-confidence, confrontation, solitary moral principles, integrity

Mount of Lower Mars (at the beginning of the line of life and head):

  • physical courage, fighter spirit, verbal confederate, aggressiveness, boldness, vigorous activity, courage and caution

Mountain of the Moon:

  • imagination, intuition, subconsciousness, sensitivity, loving nature, empathy, gentleness and understanding, telepathy, visionary, sense of balance, sensitivity, acute perceptions, losers, indolent, emotion, dreams, poetry, romanticism, feelings
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