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Palm Lines

     Each line represents a certain aspect of the individual’s life and the appearance and the construction of the line give us information about the character of the individual and the probable events during his life.

      Lines change depending on the decision-making changes of lifestyle health or anything that occurs in the etiquette of a man that causes changes in his consciousness.

      The main lines are formed approximately in the third month of development of the fetus and disappear after the death of the individual.

      The main lines show how a person experiences the world

      When the pattern of our thought changes, then the lines change

Main Lines

Chiromantie Linii Palma Ghicit

The line of life

  • vitality, enthusiasm, lust for life, health status, general tone, physical strength, vitality, life, information about the quality of life and its way

Headline line

  • the way we think, the mental possibilities, the thinking orientation, the state of the nervous system, the more separated from the livelihood of the more adventurous, confident and independent will be the mental vision, without taking into account his past and his inner voice, and with how much more tied to the line of life, the more he clings to what he knows, he’s more comprehended in what he’s doing, keeping in mind the inner voice, listening to the others, not throwing his head in front, and being more tenacious

Heart Line

  • emotions, feelings, attitude to love, marriage and sentimental relationships, emotional health, the way we live feelings, the surface between the fingers and the heart line indicates the degree of assimilation and the possibilities of adapting the subject the higher the subject is more flexible

Simian line (a fusion of the head and heart line) [P]

  • inconspicuous love, high concentration, hard to express emotions, is internalized, thinks with heart, pursues purposefully, gives great, is easy to notice, is unsettled and agitated, difficult to see things from many points of view, stubbornness

The Line of Destiny

  • the public self, the career, the sense of responsibility, our purpose, where we want to orient ourselves, how we have gone this way, what aids and challenges we are facing towards our fulfillment, our earthly karma, our destiny as a man, the lack of a line of destiny to do something and lead it to the end

Secondary Lines

      Palm is brazdat by other lines, their interpretation is related to the meaning of the hand where they are found

      Secondary lines show short-lived passions

  • Vertical lines represent the feeling of desire to explore deeper to become better to improve the quality of life Inner development Enhancement of skills and self-knowledge
  • Horizontal lines refer to the power on the outside world shaping the possession of the leadership of the depression and the connection with places and possessions people

chiromantie linii palma ghicit

Venus’s ring [A]: sensitivity, strong emotions, the need for creative activity, creative talent

Liver [B]: heal body if this shows health that we should care, if it is missing when vitality is already increased harmony between fluid about the way we live in harmony with the balance between giving and first, affects the nervous system, memory, the difference to the line of life is that the line of life shows the genetic and natural heritage and the hepatic line the repercussions of life based on our choices

Line Sun [C]: success, public position, reputation, trust, satisfaction of personal confidence in us, originality, talent and inclination, fame, satisfaction interiaora, magnetism, wealth and honor, rewards success came from its veil and acknowledge their value personal, inventive energy

Solomon’s ring [D]: the ability to understand others, their counseling, parapsychological interests, balanced judgment, good moralist, good counselor, intuitive

The lines of sympathy [E]: understanding, giving, understanding and accepting life, generally compassion towards others, the desire to help others, the desire to make you remarkable

Saturn’s ring [F]: pessimistic, periaoda withdrawal, melancholy, elusive goals, inward oriented meditate, small

Bracelets [G]: the better they are, the stronger the satanic, the physical constitution, its achievements such as wealth, health, happiness and personal fulfillment

Via Lasciva [N]: passions, physiological sensitivity, lighter allergic reactions, writhing, immune system, strong indoor consumption

Medical stigmat [M]: empathy towards beings, healing talent, therapist, empathy, gentle, compassionate, calm and senility

Mars Line [H]: Inner energy, passion, courage, competitive

Family Chain [I]: details about family relationship, how they feel alongside and family perception

Relationship lines [J]: passion in relationships, sexual potential, ideals towards partners, details about our sexual potential and how we use it

Children’s Lines [K]: Link with Children, Love for Children, Desire to Have Children, Indications of Creative Possibilities

Travel lines [L]: the lines of the uninformed, the ability to emigrate, always wanting something new, easy boredom, premonitions, intuitions, restlessness

Intuition line [O]: intuition, receptivity, open, easy to follow the events that follow, the paranoid tendency

Stress lines (tiny palm lines): affects the vitality, satanatea, relationships, constraints show inner stress, nervousness, and ability to cope with events that come to us

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