Meniu Închide


Dure nails: physical, ambitious, selfish, robust physical, strong and decided character, lack of delicacy

Fragile nails: lack of perseverance, slba physical constitution, softness, indecision, head in clouds. Delicate, versatile, tactful and fine

Pattern Nails: Practical thinking, ambition, criticism, perfectionism

Trapeze nails: orgy, domineering, seductive, vengeful, working from the shadow

Migdala nails: agreeable, devoted, balance between square nails and trapezium

Rectangle nails: feel practical, good judgment, legitimate ambition, do not want to disturb others, mental and common sense, the sense of aesthetics

Long Nails: idealists, full of imagination.inventive, enthusiastic, impressive

Short nails: nervous, bothersome, feel practical-critical feel, carcotas temperament, ironic

Nail Late: active yarn, robust constitution, irritability, vivacious spirit

Narrow Nails: lack of vigor, soul sensitivity, profound thinking, sense of mystery, shyness

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