Meniu Închide

Hand Shape

 The shape of the hand determines the fundamental, primordial and basic features on which the individual portrait is built.

     The shape of the hand is closely related to the shape of the body. Thus the fingers correspond to the length of the limbs and the palm of the body.

Classify hands in 4 distinct groups:

Fire = rectangular palm + short fingers
Air = square palm + long fingers
Water = rectangular palm + long fingers
Earth = square palm + short fingers

The fingers are long if the middle finger is at least equal in length to three quarters of the length of the palm.

Fire Palm

  • energetic, dynamic, generous, vital, ambition, ambition, enthusiasm, cheerful, optimism, spotlight, leaders, motivate others, individualists, burning, fast and one piece.

Air Palm

  • communicative, intelligent mind, agile, intelligent, curious, no asthma, distributive attention, innovators, intellectual concerns, scattered, agitated, competitive, one step ahead, learn fast, distant, cold

Water Palm

  • emotional, sensitive, contemplative, poets, dreamers, visionaries, passive, creative, refined tastes, aesthetic sinking, finesse, precision, nervous tension, unrealistic, unethical

Earth Palm

  • pragmatic, stable, beliefs, laborers, meticulous, methodical, practical, balanced, serious, insensible, routine, rational, teluric thinking, attracted by the pleasures of life, sense of authority, slow
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