Meniu Închide


Sharp fingers: imagination, intuition, dream, artist, lasciviousness, sadism, perversity, interiorization, pursuing its own objectives, good manipulator

Square fingers: reason, pragmatism, traditional, bureaucracy, professors, engineers, stubborn, sense of justice,

Spattered fingers: inventors, entrepreneurs, materialists, artisans, developers

Right fingers: artists, spontaneous, tact, impulse, order, mind agile, artists, whim, impatience, inconsistency, adaptable, fantasy, the need to reflect more

Nodular fingers: loneliness, nervous consumption, concentrated, analytical and precise, logic, reflects a lot, meditates a lot, dreamers, calculators, philosophers, profound thinking, paranoid

Thin fingers: Inner consumption, idealism, detached

Thick fingers: taste for material pleasures, desires, passion

First Falang(with nail)

  • mental area, thinking, intellect

The second Falang

  • the balance between the two phalanxes
  • the power to materialize what he thinks about the first phalanx
  • the practical sense

The third Falang

  • materialism
  • the result of the desired wishes
  • physical nature


  • is the most important finger of the hand through which we can say a lot about a person’s personality
  • external events
  • reason and will
  • the one who orders
  • free will
  • ego

The first falanga of the thumb

  • the will
  • potency
  • energy
  • momentum
  • domnaria
  • intense wishes
  • toughness

The second falang of the thumb

  • reason
  • logic
  • self-consciousness
  • concentration

Angles and thumb flexibility

  • a 90 degree angle with the axis of the pointer will indicate a tenacious and stubborn personality able to reiterate the will of someone else, a little malleable not easily left convisn and implanted, unparalleled by the opinions of others
  • if the angle is sharp the person will have narrow and egoistic views, suspicious and fold of doubt, life withdrawn away from the noise
  • if the angle is greater than 100 degrees, it is an independent and open, open and generous non-fromaist personality and sociable loyalty and cheerful extrovertitia, the stupid person ready to help

Flicker finger

  • self-knowledge
  • the quality of self-reflection
  • self-esteem
  • the ideals in life
  • independence
  • self-development
  • the fundamental attitude towards life
  • desires and aspirations
  • ambition
  • power to drive and command
  • adaptability
  • the need for affirmation
  • relationships with the outside world
  • imposing

The middle finger

  • organization
  • attitude towards authority
  • mental limits
  • responsibility
  • discipline
  • the obligations of life
  • work and routine
  • balance
  • the mediator between myself and the others
  • patience
  • concentration
  • doubt
  • indecision

Ring finger

  • the need to be at the center of attention
  • the artist
  • public image
  • enthusiasm
  • courtesy
  • creativity
  • self-expression
  • originality
  • opening
  • generosity

Little finger

  • communication
  • the commerce
  • business ability
  • sexual communication
  • intimate relationships
  • sexual behavior
  • relationships with relatives
  • vocal qualities
  • receptivity
  • availability
  • inspiration
  • superficiality

     Depending on the magnitude of each phalange compared to the others, we can figure out our strengths and inner holdings

     The more a finger is bigger than the other, the higher its qualities and excesses and the lower it is, the lower

     If your finger is crooked or bent, the interpretation is made according to the thumb and direction towards your finger

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